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Shelter Information

  • On Site – can be built while we continue to take guests at the existing building.
  • A little over 9,600 SF fully completed 
  • Multi-purpose room can be rented by public for evening use, special functions, training events etc. The rest of the shelter can be secured behind locked doors. Separate outside entrance/exit. Could house  evacuated animals in emergencies.
  • Separate intake/surrender area from adoption area. Treatment room for immediate vaccinations of new guests.
  • Crematorium under roof – more safe and secure for staff.
  • Storage everywhere.
  • Multiple separate systems for different areas in the shelter. The mechanical area housing portions of these systems is elevated to facilitate maintenance and repair.
  • Holding areas for sick intakes both cats and dogs.
  •  Air flow controls smells in dog areas which controls barking. By venting the smells from one kennel area away from other kennels areas it lowers dog concerns about their neighbors and helps them be more secure in the own dog pod with known companions. Air flow also helps with disease control. We currently vaccinate every animal that comes into the shelter and will continue to do that. Air makes a huge difference in shelter population health.
  • Temperature and lighting control dog moods…… which controls apprehension, fear, aggression etc. The transition to adoptable dogs is easier and faster.
  • Water flow – water is everywhere in a shelter. Kennel cleaning, laundry, dishes, and water for drinking. Dirty water needs to go one direction and clean water from one direction. All these systems are specifically engineered for shelter care.
  • The indoor kennels have out of doors areas also. A true bonus for the dogs.
  • Same environmental options will be found in the cat areas.  The cats benefit from colony rooms and catios (cat patios).
  • Ambient lighting from multiple rows of windows
  • Possibility of future additions for added dog kennels and or public areas.
  • Small horse barn and paddock with barn sourced locally. The barn has storage for hay and can house small farm animals as well as large.
  • Exterior has been thoughtfully considered with careful attention to staying true to the Bitterroot Valley. A profile high enough to provide ambient lighting but low enough to not over power the subdivision behind the shelter.
  • Careful attention to creating an enduring appearance that is as maintenance free as possible. 

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