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The Bitter Root Humane Association is an organization I have contributed to and have had financial and budget awareness of for about 30 years. As such I have found them to be very conscientious in their budgeting and spending. They are the only non-profit of their size and responsibility that I know of in this area that does not have an Executive Director and or Development Director. The Board members contribute a significant amount of their time to fulfill those duties. Over the years I have had occasion to visit many shelters and all of them the size of this shelter have an ED and a shelter manager. BRHA only has a shelter manager and being a shelter manager is a very big responsibility.
If a person were to look at the 990 tax report for nonprofit organizations in the Bitterroot Valley they would see a wide range of expenses for non-profit Executive Directors. At least one organization pays a salary of $84,000. plus benefits and there may be others that pay more. Those dollars that the Bitter Root Humane is not spending on administrative costs are going towards taking care of the animals. If that does not demonstrate how hard working and frugal the Board Members are with the donations they receive, people should know they also volunteer to help with many of the tasks; like doing laundry at the shelter.
From my perspective the BRHA Board members past and present and the myriad of volunteers have done a fantastic job with the funds that have been donated and the facility that long ago was new. It is my hope that their efforts and struggles will be rewarded with a new facility that will serve as long and as well as the facility who’s time is now past. Let’s all help Unleash Tomorrow.
Diane Thomas-Rupert

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Your generous donations will make building a better home before their forever home a reality.

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